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Board of Directors (BOD)

Board of Directors consists of 9 members excluding the chairman. this group of qualified individuals is empowered to act as a policy-making and decision-making body governing the affairs of the SWO. all members of the board have expertise in development field with analytical vision due to national and international exposure in project management with knowledge of NRM, Rural Development, Livestock, Agricultural, disaster risk management and water management.

Executive Committee

Composed of  5 members,Devising policy guidelines, training to volunteers, projection of the SWO and for giving assistance in framing proposals and looking for donors

General Body

Is the supreme body of the organization, comprising more than 30 members. These members are doctors(male/female), engineers,logisticians, consultants, professors and specialist in educational sector. The body meets twice in the year. All decisions made by board are subject to approval by the forum, all volunteers, activists and supporting staff work independently to the best of their ability.