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Pakistan is a developing country, but God bestowed it with abundant natural resources and potential manpower that is necessary for a sustainable development. SWO is striving to utilize all the natural, man-made, human and other financial resources for the uplift of underprivileged communities to have the potential to support their families in a better sense. All the civil organization should follow its path to make Pakistan a prosperous, self-sufficient and well developed country. SWO did not stay in rest in times of emergencies, calamities and natural disasters or political or economic instabilities and put forth all its services for the human and institutional survival where particular attention was paid to the protection and development of women and children; the major suffering unit. I pay tribute to SWO members the entire Pakistani nation and the nation of the world for their impetuous response to help those who becoming the direct and indirect victims of multiple socio-economic problems. I would like to commend SWO staff for their untiring efforts and hard works to continue its activities with fervor, dedication and compassionate efforts. In the end I wish to thank SWO key personnel, skilled and supporting staff and board members for their valuable contributions in materializing the vision of the organization in to reality.