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  • To co-operate, coordinate and participate with National and International organizations, associations, groups and individuals engaged in promoting Peace, Human Rights, Education, Health, Reproductive health, Environment, Conflict prevention, Poverty reduction/alleviation, Disaster relief, Development, and Gender balance.
  • To take necessary actions in preventing human rights violation and providing aid and assistance including legal aid to the victims of Human Rights violation, to help the individuals and groups striving to protect Human Rights, Peace and to establish Human Rights protection Houses for those who want legal aid and protection from political, religious, racial and social abuses.
  • To make efforts to provide basic necessities of life such as drinking water, medical relief, dowry to poor girls, drainage and other rural development schemes like model villages particularly to the people of remote areas living in small villages.
  • To make efforts to promote, raise and improve the awareness among the people about the modern and standard education viz. computer, I.T profession, to achieve 100% literacy rate in the rural areas and to establish libraries and book banks.
  • To make efforts to create commitment to social justice, equity, equality and non-violence and to provide education, health services, legal aids and justice to the people at their doorsteps.
  • To create consciousness among youths, adults and women against drugs, narcotics and HIV-Aids and to work for the welfare of all people regardless of cast, creed and sex.
  • To make efforts for prevention of environmental pollution with tree plantation and general awareness.
  • To chalk out various programs for the promotion of peace, human rights, education, health, conflict prevention, disaster relief, reproductive health, family planning, poverty reduction/alleviation, gender balance, development, advocacy and the prevention of drug abuses and environmental pollution.