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Shehzad Welfare Organization was established in 2008. The founders realized the importance of social work in Upper Dir. The main objective of the SWO was to serve the humanity with the help of District Administration, Local Government and other supporting teams.In the year 2008 Shehzad Welfare Organization was founded. The rapid advancement in the development of Shehzad Welfare Organization (SWO) is due to the hard work and dedication of volunteers/members. No one can deny the facts that they have left no stone unturned in bringing Shehzad Welfare Organization to present stage.So for local civil society organization (CSO) is concerned it has been set up independently. Now it has started to register CBOs, NGOs, WOs and VOs. So far many such organizations have been registered with SWO. Development works are carried out by Shehzad Welfare Organization (SWO) through these small organizations. SWO has created awareness about HIV/Aids and narcotics through spots events. After that the member realized the fact of social work and started giving blood to the poor and needy people. So for more than 1000 pound blood has been donated to the needy people by the volunteers of Shehzad Welfare Organization. Provision of free medicines, burying of heirless dead bodies, polio day with the staff of DHQ hospital, provide free tuition facilities to the poor students, Walk against social evils, making of water channels, provision of water through wells, link bridges, arranged workshops and trainings for the protection of forests, sent goods/ daily life use for the rehabilitation of the earth quake effectives across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Shehzad Welfare Organization (SWO) also willing to start loaning system for the poor people without any interest as well as scholarship to the poor & needy students who cannot pay their monthly fees.